Punk Sette Game (envío en Europa)



Tarifa para envíos en España €12.
Envíos a Europa €17.

Punksetter game contains several topics to play.
Commercial setting (Character, movement, grip, #moves, grade,)
and an extension for the setting competition (RIC, Category, Rounds, sex).

Punksetter game is a great tool to give routesetting courses.


Punksetter Game

Is the game that all climbing gym must to have, in which you will find multiple possibilities of combinations to create boulders, is a fun and playful way to learn the passion of routesetting Exploit your qualities as a routesetter and accept the challenges that punksetter can give you.


– Understand and learn the movements of boulder.
– Learn to create boulders with differents combinations.
– Teaching the art of setting boulders like a game.
– To create exclusives boulders eather in a circuit or in a competition.
– Create boulder in the moment without previous information of what you are going to design.
– Improving teamwork.